Life Сhecklistsee what you've achieved in your life

Elementary level

Finish school
Read a book
Met with Faliture
Play a sport
Learn to ride a bike
Play a computer game
Make a friend
Plant a tree
Earn Money
Learn to swim
Visit another country
Ride in a train
Learn to draw
Learn to cook
Find a hobby
Adopt a pet
Learn to fish
Take a walk in a night city

Intermediate level

Kiss smb
Make love
Go on a tour
Start driving
Go camping
Play an instrument
Swim in a lake
Take a dip in a river
Help the needy
Ride a boat
Get a good education
Ride a horse
Swim in the sea
Meet your loved one
Have children
Teach your kid to walk
Teach your kid to talk
Tell your kid a story
See the ocean
Fly in a plane
Learn another language
Go to a concert
Visit a museum
Talk with a foreigner
Visit a Zoo
Talk with a successful person
Invest money
Have a passive income
Run a marathon
Go camping

Advansed level

Ride a helicopter
Visit a desert
Jump with a parachute
Climb a mountain
Visit a cave
Go Scuba diving
Help a person achieve success
Visit Antarctia
See a solar eclipse
Ride in a hot air balloon
Be an expert in your field
Visit the tallest building
Experience Zero Gravity
Swim with dolphins
See a volcano
Write a book
Learn to learn
Visit an island
See the northern lights
Read 100 Books of the Century


Highest level

Visit all countries
Plant a forest
Have a happy family

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