I and probably other users of namecheap.com hosting, faced with such a problem as obtaining Let’s Encrypt certificates for the site. The fact is that this hosting provider sells its Comodo certificates, so in this case, the availability of free certificates is not profitable for them. But we even have two solutions, and they are pretty simple.

Solution #1

For this, we will use the site sslforfree.com which allows you to generate a certificate using domain validation. So, let's begin.
  1. So, go to this site. Enter the website URL and click on “Create Free SSL Certificate”.
  2. Next, select the domain validation method. I will demonstrate this on “Manual Verification”. You can also choose another way.
  3. Then follow the simple instructions. As a result, we get the keys.
  4. Go to your cPanel account and click on SSL/TLS in the Security block. Then click on Manage SSL Sites.
  5. We paste the received keys, and click “install certificate”. There are no photos of this moment. worried
  6. If everything is fine, then you will see something like this.
    More information about installing keys in the сPanel you can find here. This method is suitable for almost any hosting.

Solution #2

The solution is quite simple, but I will not describe it in detail. To do this, just go here and connect a free CDN from Cloudflare. As a result, your site receives an SSL certificate. If you are having problems with this solution, I found a video for you.