In this article, I'll talk about an easy to learn and very advanced Linux distro, Garuda Linux.

Garuda is based on Arch Linux, but do not be afraid of this, because Arch is used simply as a base. Therefore, the ease of use even for new users of Garuda Linux is the same as on other distributions. And thanks to the clear and simple documentation of the Arch Wiki, you can find solutions to your problems even easier. Therefore, any solution found for Arch will also work on Garuda Linux.

Let's move on to the advantages of this distribution.

Appearance of Garuda Linux

The main edition with the KDE Plasma environment uses its own dark theme, made in bright neon colors. Icons are also made in neon colors with gradient tints.

Garuda Linux

After installation, the Garuda Welcome application will launch, in which you'll be asked to use the Сonfiguration Assistant. Run it, and you'll be shown several lists of applications, divided into categories, where you can tick off the programs that you need.

I want to note very nice animations of interface elements, which is rare for Linux distributions.

Garuda Linux

BTRFS file system

By default, Garuda Linux offers the BTRFS file system, which is a robust file system. In this file system, special attention is paid to performance, fault tolerance and uninterrupted operation. The file system greatly reduces the chance of data corruption.

The BTRFS file system integrates with snapper to provide automatic snapshot functionality. This backs up the entire system before every system update.

Useful Garuda Linux Apps

By default, Garuda Linux uses the Fish terminal, which compares favorably with the standard bash terminal.

Dolphin is used as a file manager, which is understandable since it is the default file manager in KDE.

Garuda Linux uses the Fish terminal

If you have installed Garuda Linux KDE Dr460nized, a distro specially made for gaming. It provides a tool like Garuda Gamer. This is a GUI feature that offers a rich selection of gaming software, including WINE, Steam, PlayOnLinux, Lutris, Boxtron, Heroic Game Launcher, just to name a few.

You can also install a large selection of games and game emulators with the click of a button.

Garuda Gamer


Despite its recent release, Garuda Linux has an active online community that will help you out in no time. But as I said earlier, any issues that users encounter while working can be solved using the Arch Wiki or Garuda Linux Wiki.

Main page Garuda Linux Wiki


If you, like me, really liked Garuda Linux, then I recommend installing it and giving it a try.

Of course, since the system is quite fresh, I wouldn't recommend putting it as an absolutely reliable and uninterrupted solution. But as a system for a regular user device, this OS is the best for me personally at the moment. This new distribution brings together improved, more modern analogues of popular solutions, including many useful tweaks.