How to disable Google Chrome Tab Search


Starting with Google Chrome 88, the browser has acquired the long-awaited tab search function, this feature will be useful for people who have dozens of open tabs in the browser and they all need them. But not all users need this feature.

This step-by-step guide shows you the entire process to quickly disable tabbed search in Google Chrome and Chromium browsers.

Google Chrome Tab Search

Disable Google Chrome tab search

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser and enter the following address in the address bar:
    Google Chrome
  2. The Experimental Features page will open. In the search, enter Tab Search to find the item we need.
    Google Chrome Experiments
  3. In the drop-down list on the right, select "Disabled". Then click the "Relaunch" button to restart the browser, which will appear after changing the parameter.
    Google Chrome Experiments
  4. After restarting, tabbed search will disappear from Google Chrome.
    Google Chrome Tab Search

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