Windows Movie Maker is the simplest video editor built into the old versions of Windows. The latest version of the utility was part of Windows Vista 2007. After that, the program was replaced by independent Windows Live Movie Maker. Until January 10, 2017, Microsoft video editor applied on the official website as part of the Windows Essentials software package. Since then, the download form is blocked. Now you can still find and download the free version of Windows Movie Maker and continue to use it. But I don’t recommend this, since most likely they will have viruses or other malicious programs.

Now we know that Windows 10 doesn't have a built-in Movie Maker. But not everyone knows that the standard Windows 10 applications includes a video editor with the basic video editing capabilities.

Movie Maker Alternative in Windows 10

Microsoft Video Editor

Windows 10 Video Editor works in much the same way as Windows Movie Maker. You can create your own home movies and slideshows, or edit other already created videos. Video Editor comes with a basic set of tools for working with multimedia files.

What a video editor can do:

  • Trim video and divide it into fragments.
  • Create a video sequence from video, images and audio.
  • Apply filters and 3D effects to video.
  • Change the video playback speed.
  • Add text to video.
  • Add background music to your project from your library or built-in collection.

Windows 10 Video Editor supports about 70 video and image formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc., as well as RAW formats. But you can save the finished video only in MP4 format.

To open the new Video Editor, find the "Video Editor" item in the Start menu.

Open Microsoft Video Editor in Windows 10
But keep in mind that earlier versions of Windows 10 didn’t have it. Therefore, to add a video editor, you need to update the Microsoft Photos app in the Microsoft Store.

How to use Microsoft Photos Video Editor

  1. Open the video editor and click the New Video button, then New Video Project.
    Microsoft Video Editor
  2. Provide a name for the new video.
    Microsoft Video Editor
  3. In the Project Library, click the Add button, select a source, and add media files to the project that you will use in your video.
    Microsoft Video Editor
  4. Drag the files you added to the library onto the timeline.
    Microsoft Video Editor
  5. Once the items are positioned on the timeline, you can swap and edit them.

The editor has a user-friendly interface, you can figure it out very quickly. The editor contains three main areas: at the top left, you can add videos and photos from which the video will be created, at the top right, a preview, and at the bottom, a panel that places the sequence of videos and photos as they appear in the final video. By selecting an individual video or photo in the panel below, you can edit it, such as crop, resize, etc.

You can also add text and other visual effects to the video by specifying the exact time it will be shown. There are several dozen such effects in the video editor's database.

Add Filters to Videos in Microsoft Video Editor Add Text to Videos in Microsoft Video Editor

After finishing video editing, save the video by clicking the "Finish Video" button. This will open a dialog box in which you can select the resolution of the video image.

There are three types of resolutions: 1080p, 720p, and 520p. Click "Export" and specify the folder to save the video. Compilation can take a long time if there are many files, so be patient. When the operation is complete, the video will open automatically.

Export Movie in Microsoft Video Editor

If you want to download the original version of Movie Maker, watch how to do it in the video:


In general, the built-in video editor in Windows 10 is a useful thing for the average user who needs the ability to quickly and easily make a video for personal purposes.

Maybe this video editor is not as functional and convenient as the time-tested Movie Maker, but I think the new video editor has a great future, as it is actively updated and improved.