Every day we have to go to the browser in order to then go to YouTube. You can speed up this process by creating a shortcut to YouTube video hosting on your desktop.

There are two ways to create a shortcut for quick access to a site. The first involves adding a link to a page on the Desktop, which will open in a new tab by double-clicking. The second allows you to place an analogue of the YouTube web application on the desktop. More importantly, in this case, the launch will be carried out in a separate, independent window with its own icon on the taskbar.

Method 1: Put YouTube shortcut on Desktop

Any browser allows you to place links to web pages on the Desktop. In the example below, I'll be using Opera, but this can be done with any other browser.

  1. Launch your main browser and navigate to YouTube in it.
  2. Minimize all windows except the browser and shrink it so that you can see an empty area of the desktop.
  3. Left-click (LMB) on the address bar to select the link in it.
    Opera browser
  4. Now left-click on the selected address and, without releasing it, move this element to the Desktop.
    Opera browser
  5. A YouTube shortcut will be created.
    YouTube shortcut on desktop

Now, by double-clicking on the added shortcut, you will open the YouTube page in a new tab of the default browser.

Method 2: Create a YouTube web app shortcut

The official YouTube site, which you are used to opening in a browser, can, if desired, be turned into a kind of analogue of an independent application. It will not only have its own shortcut, but also run in a separate window.

This feature is not supported by all browsers, but only by those that run on the Chromium engine. For example, we will use the Google Chrome browser.

  1. Open the YouTube page in your browser that you want to see when you launch the shortcut.
    Google Chrome browser
  2. Click on the menu in the upper right corner. Move the cursor over More Tools, and then select Create Shortcut.
    Go to the menu in Google Chrome
  3. In the pop-up window, if necessary, change the name of the created web application and click the "Create" button. You can also select the "Open as Window" option.
    Create a site shortcut in Google Chrome
  4. A YouTube shortcut will be created on the Desktop (with the original icon).
    YouTube shortcut on desktop

Now you know about two completely different ways to add a YouTube shortcut to your Desktop for the fastest and most convenient access to it. The first of the options we have considered is universal and can be done in any browser. The second, although more practical, has limitations and is not supported by all web browsers and versions of Windows.