MATLAB is a popular environment and programming language for engineering calculations. It has a large library of various functions that makes it easier to calculate. MATLAB also allows you to visualize data for building two or three-dimensional graphs and creating animated videos. In addition, it is possible to integrate Matlab with external programs (Excel) and programming languages (C, C++, Java). Before you start the installation, you must download the installation files (in my case, ISO images).

Install MATLAB on Ubuntu

1. First, we need to mount the image of the first disk with MATLAB. Therefore, we enter these commands in the terminal.
sudo mkdir -p /media/cdrom
sudo mount -o loop /path_to/matlab_disk1.iso /media/cdrom
Using the first command, we created the directory, and the second mounted the image.
2. Now run the installer
sudo sh /media/cdrom/install
3. Then we follow a simple installation, during which we enter the activation key and select the installation directory.
We select the necessary products and start the installation.
If during the installation, the installer will ask you to insert a second disk. Then just repeat the second command from the first paragraph, and mount the second disk. Installation is complete, then we need to start MATLAB.

How to run Matlab in Ubuntu

To start MATLAB, you must enter the path to the matlab file in the terminal. It is located: /bin/matlab
For quick launch, I recommend creating a shortcut to launch the program from the desktop. Now we can test MATLAB and Simulink.