We are used to installing applications from DEB and RPM packages. Such packages contain the program itself, but do not include the dependencies that are required to run the application. Therefore, many users find it easier to use Snap packages, which, in addition to the application, include all the necessary dependencies and can work (almost) in any Linux distribution.

Snap packages are managed using a package manager that can be used to install or uninstall applications.

Remove Snap package in Ubuntu

To remove a package, you need to know its name. But if you forgot it, then it can be found in the list of all installed snap packages using the command:

sudo snap list
Executing the "sudo snap list" command

To see a list of all packages along with versions, use the command:

sudo snap list --all

For example, we need to remove the VLC media player. In this case, the package is called vlc. In order to remove it, it is enough to execute the following command:

sudo snap remove vlc
Executing the "sudo snap remove" command

This will completely remove the package and application from the system.

If the name of the package and the name of the application are not the same or even similar, then it's rather difficult to find it in the list.

So as an option, you can go to snapcraft.io, where you can find the app. Then click the Install button to find out the install command and package name:

View package name on snapcraft.io