Usually, when you install a Chrome extension, you do so from the Chrome Web Store. However, some extensions are not published in the online store. This may be due to the fact that they use additional functions that are not supported by the rules of the online store or extensions are developed by independent authors.

Over the years, Google has increased its restrictions on installing third-party Chrome extensions to help protect Chrome users from malicious code. A few years ago, you could simply install an extension from the developer's site without any difficulty. If you're willing to take the risk, then Google Chrome has a "Developer Mode" that will allow you to install any extension into your browser.

How to install Chrome extensions manually

  1. Download the extension. Usually extensions are stored in archives.
  2. Unpack the extension using an archiver.
    Unpacking the file using the archiver
  3. Launch Google Chrome or Chromium browser.
  4. Click on the Menu icon (three-dot button in the upper right corner), then "More tools" and "Extensions".
    Google Chrome
  5. Turn on "Developer Mode" by clicking on the toggle switch located in the upper right corner.
    Google Chrome
  6. Click on the "Load unpacked" button.
    Google Chrome extensions page
  7. Find the previously unpacked extension, select it and click "Select Folder".
    Google Chrome extensions page
  8. Done. The extension is ready to go.
    Google Chrome extensions page