How to minimize any Program to tray in Windows 10



When you want to hide an application, you minimize it, most programs are minimized to the taskbar, some to the tray or Windows notification area. In some programs, the minimization option can be selected in the program behavior settings, but not all of them provide such an option. However, if you wish, you can minimize any programs to the Windows 10 system tray using third-party utilities. In this review, I'll show you a few programs that will allow you to do this.


RBTray does not require installation, almost no interface. After launching RBTray, it's enough to right-click on the "Minimize" button of any window and it will automatically be minimized to the tray. In order to expand the program window back, you just need to click on its icon in the tray with the left mouse button.

By right-clicking on the icon of the minimized program, a context menu is called up, from which, among other things, you can close the desired window or exit RBTray. Everything is simple and straightforward.

Download: RBTray


Another program for the same purpose is the free open source tool Traymond. It works in almost the same way as the previous version (does not require installation): start the program, after which you can use the following keyboard shortcuts and a mouse:

  • Win + Shift + Z - minimizes the active window to the Windows system tray.
  • Double click on the tray icon to maximize the window.
  • Right clicking on the Traymond icon and choosing "Restore all windows" expands all previously minimized windows.

Download: Traymond


MinimizeToTray works a little differently: instead of creating icons for each minimized program, they are all available in the list by clicking on the MinimizeToTray icon. For some, this may not seem convenient, but if you don't want to clutter up the Windows tray, then this program is for you.

This program has keyboard shortcuts for quick interaction. But if you wish, these keyboard shortcuts can be changed: click on the program icon, select the "Configs" item and assign the desired keyboard shortcuts.


Download: MinimizeToTray

If you know any other methods or programs for minimizing a program to tray, it would be great if you shared them in the comments.

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