The file "BSvcProcessor.exe" is part of the Bing Bar software that comes with some versions of Windows. Errors with it indicate that the application data is corrupted, and the best solution in this case would be a complete uninstallation of the software, which can be done manually or with using third-party tools.

Troubleshoot "BSvcProcessor.exe has stopped working" error

The process of manually uninstalling software consists of two stages: removing the main program and then the remnants in the file system and registry.

  1. The first step is to remove the Bing Bar itself, if it has not been done earlier. Open the Run utility with the Win + R keyboard shortcut, type appwiz.cpl in it and click OK.
    Windows Run utility
  2. In the list of installed software, find items with the names "Bing Bar", "Bing Desktop", or similar in meaning. Select the component and click Uninstall in the toolbar.
    Programs and Features window in Windows 10
    Confirm the action by clicking Yes.
    Window to confirm uninstallation of the program in Windows
  3. Next, you need to erase the remnants of the Bing Bar in the system registry. To open the registry editor, open the Run utility (Win + R) again, enter regedit and click OK.
    Windows Run utility
  4. Paste the following path into the address bar:


    Find in the list of options all entries that are associated with Bing, most often they are called Bingsvc or BBSvc, right-click on them and select "Delete", then confirm the operation and restart your computer.
    Registry editor
    Complete and correct removal of corrupted software guarantees you the elimination of errors.