Mods allow you to embellish your game, thereby making it more interesting. And today I would like to tell you about how to install mods in Minecraft for TLauncher users. The first thing you should have is the installed TLauncher. How to install TLauncher in Ubuntu can be found here. So let's get started.

Installing Minectaft mods in Ubuntu

  1. Download your favorite mod on the Internet in advance. The main thing is that the version of the mod matches the version of Minecraft. Also note that Minecraft must have Forge. This launcher already has built-in versions with Forge.
  2. Click on the button shown in the screenshot. Next, go to the mods directory. Copy the mod to this folder. Well, that's all. Next, we need to start Minecraft and check the installation.

Installing mods will be the same on all distributions where you install TLaucnher, so it makes no sense to do separate instructions. Enjoy your game.