If you are using the English version of Windows, then surely you may have a problem with displaying Cyrillic in Matlab and in other programs. Often, instead of Cyrillic characters, we see question marks, or simply unreadable characters. Therefore, in this article I will describe several methods of how to fix this problem.
1. The first method is the simplest, and 100% effective. To do this, we need to change the system language to Russian. Of course this is not the best solution, but if you don’t care or you know this language, then why not. Go into the Windows language settings (Settings/Time&Language/Language) and install the new language pack. Then select it as the main one.
2. The second method is also good, but for some reasons it doesn’t work for some users. Open the control panel and go along this path: (Control Panel\Clock and Region). Click on the "Region". Next, click on the "Administrative" tab, then click on "Change System locale ...". In the drop-down list, select "Russian", and put a checkmark on the "Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support".
Next, restart the computer. 3. If you still see unreadable characters in MATLAB, then we will try to solve the problem not in the best way, namely, change the standard fonts to Cyrillic. This method is suitable if you urgently need to see code comments, or descriptions of the charts. To do this, go to Matlab > Preferences > Fonts and select the desired font. I know only two Cyrillic fonts, these are GOST Type A and GOST Type B.
As we see, now the Russian text is correctly displayed.
Of course, these are not all methods, and as I discover new ones, I will update the article. Also, if you have any ideas, or you know how to configure MATLAB or Windows more correctly to display Cyrillic characters, please write in the comments.