Windscribe is one of the best VPN clients to keep you private. And as you know, Linux users are most worried about their security and privacy. So, today I will describe the instructions for installing this VPN on Manjaro. There is no version for Manjaro or Arch Linux on the official Windscribe website in the download section. Therefore, we will install the client from AUR.
  1. Open Add/Remove Software app and search for windscribe.
    Add/Remove Software utility
    If you can’t find this package, then most likely you need to enable AUR support in the Add/Remove Software preferences.
    Add/Remove Software utility
  2. To check the installation, go to the terminal and enter windscribe. If the installation is done correctly, you will see something like this.
    Windscribe in the terminal
    After we go through authorization, establish a connection, and use it.
windscribe login
windscribe connect
To check the status of the connection, use the following command
windscribe status
Once installed correctly, Windscribe will start and establish a connection automatically when Manjaro starts. If you have any questions regarding the installation or configuration of this VPN client, write in the comments or contact official support.