Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming service founded in 2006. The company overcame many difficulties related to copyright, as well as the struggle with Apple, which did not want to host the company's applications in the AppStore. As a result, we received the most popular streaming service in the world. Spotify is available on almost any modern device. The developers made the application accessible, even on rarely used operating systems. Maybe this is the reason for the popularity of the service? smirk According to the latest data, the percentage of people visiting Internet sites with Linux-based operating systems is 0.8%. Very little, isn't it? But the company still made a version for Linux users. In this article, I will tell you about several ways to install Spotify on a Manjaro distribution.

Install Spotify Using Snap via GUI (easiest and fastest way)

  1. Click on the menu and find Add/Remove Software.
  2. Next, click on three-dots menu, and select Preferences. If required, confirm the action with a password.
  3. Go to the Snap tab, and enable its support. Close this window. If there is no Snap tab, then you can use AUR. This repository also has Spotify, as well as many other applications.
  4. Further using the search we find Spotify. Click the Install button, and confirm with the Apply button. Confirm the installation with a password.
  5. After installation, you can run the program.

We go through authorization and you're done. Now you can enjoy your favorite music in your favorite operating system.

There are other ways to install Spotify, for example using a terminal. But for an inexperienced user, this will be the easiest way. Therefore, if you want to see other installation methods or if you have problems with this, write in the comments.